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  • banner Taxi Knowledge Test
    Before a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire
    Driver Licence is granted to an applicant,
    he/she is required to pass the Council's
    Knowledge Test.
    The application process involves submitting
    an application form, passing an Essential
    Skills test, CRB check, DVLA mandate,
    DSA Drivers test, Knowledge Test and
    providing satisfactory medical documentation.
  • banner2 Hackney or Private Hire ?
    There are two different kinds of taxis in Bristol.
    The licensed Hackney taxi and licensed Private
    Hire taxi.
    Hackney Taxis (Bristol blue cabs) can be hailed
    from the street in Bristol,
    whereas licensed private hire taxi (any colour)
    are pre-booked by customers and aren't allowed to
    pick up customers at random.
    Taxi drivers are normally self-employed and either
    own their own vehicle or hire it from the operating
  • banner Union Jack Taxis
    Bristol Taxis. Book online Private Hire Taxi
    We cover Bristol and surrounding areas.






Practice online for your Bristol City Taxi Knowledge Test with Bristol Hackney Taxi.

With this online service you can practice the multiple choice Taxi Knowledge Test. We have created a sample test for users, but by subscribing you can access all of our Bristol Taxi Knowledge Test questions

For as little as £39.99 for a 30 day period, you can practice taking these taxi tests as many times as you like.

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