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  • banner Taxi Knowledge Test
    Before a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire
    Driver Licence is granted to an applicant,
    he/she is required to pass the Council's
    Knowledge Test.
    The application process involves submitting
    an application form, passing an Essential
    Skills test, CRB check, DVLA mandate,
    DSA Drivers test, Knowledge Test and
    providing satisfactory medical documentation.
  • banner2 Hackney or Private Hire ?
    There are two different kinds of taxis in Bristol.
    The licensed Hackney taxi and licensed Private
    Hire taxi.
    Hackney Taxis (Bristol blue cabs) can be hailed
    from the street in Bristol,
    whereas licensed private hire taxi (any colour)
    are pre-booked by customers and aren't allowed to
    pick up customers at random.
    Taxi drivers are normally self-employed and either
    own their own vehicle or hire it from the operating
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    Bristol Taxis. Book online Private Hire Taxi
    We cover Bristol and surrounding areas.






Practice online for your Bristol City Taxi Knowledge Test with Bristol Hackney Taxi.

With this online service you can practice the multiple choice Taxi Knowledge Test. We have created a sample test for users, but by subscribing you can access all of our Bristol Taxi Knowledge Test questions

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Getting Started

Being a taxi driver involves picking up and dropping off passengers to any given destination. Taxi drivers are responsible for taking payments for fares, by a meter that can be seen by both driver and passenger.

Taxi drivers can dictate their own hours, and generally can go and come as they please. However, driving a taxi can be very demanding. It can be mentally and physically demanding. There is a risk of unprovoked attacks from drunken louts and dangerous drivers.

It can be financially rewarding, you can earn £10,000 to £50,000 a year , it all depends on the hours you put in. It can also be financially demanding, the running costs of the vehicle can be quite expensive.

For a hackney carriage (taxi) licence, you must be 21 or over, have held a full EU driving licence for at least 12 months.

Application Procedure

Before any submissions of an application to Princess House all applicants must attend a Essential Skills Assessment then the Drivers Induction Course.
You must book this course through the Licensing Office.You will find all there details on our Links Page

Essential Skills Course is split into 4 parts, Money & Finance, Receipts & Paperwork, Directions & Using an A-Z.

The course takes around 30 minutes and is a multiple choice questions paper. If you are successful you can go on to take the drivers induction.

Lets Start

  • The Drivers Induction takes around 2 hours.
  • You will get a drivers application pack, which contains an Application Form,CBR Disclosure Form,DVLA Mandate Form,DSA Drivers Pack,Guidelines on Criminal Behaviour,Medical Questionnaire Form and a Price List.
  • You will need to complete an Application Form a DVLA Mandate and a CBR Form and pay the fee
  • You will need both parts of your DVLA driving licence and two colour photographs,
  • You will also need another form of I.D . Passport or Birth Certifcate will be fine.
  • You must complete a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)check form. It takes about 2 weeks to be returned.
  • Princess House will also recieve a copy a couple of days before you, so if there is a problem you will know.

  • When your CRB check has been returned you can go ahead and book your Medical Examination.
  • Book your taxi driving test with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).You will find their address on our links page.
  • Click link for current Online Applications.

  • When you have passed the practical driving test you can book the knowledge test at Princess House.
  • All enquiries contact
  • The Licensing Office
  • Citizen Service Point at 100 Temple Street
  • Bristol, BS1 9FS.
  • Tel 0117 357 4900
  • Email licensing@bristol.gov.uk

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